Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Note to Self #1

Contemplating making this a weekly thing, because I absolutely love scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration for life and it would be nice to put a few favourites for each week into a simple blog post to share. I don't want to commit myself to this just in case I have a stressful week and don't get round to it, but really it only took about 10 minutes to select the pictures and make the above collage- so I should be fine!

Getting right to it, here are a few 'pins' that have caught my eye this week (clockwise, from top left):

1. Taken from Lily Melrose's blog, skater shoes have become a trend in recent months, and it's all about going back to basic with the standard Vans slip-ons. I have the checkerboard versions of these which I bought from a charity shop around a year ago (deep disinfectant before I went barefoot in those!) and I also got my hands on the black crocodile design replicas that Topshop do which I have mentioned in last month's favourites, but even though I don't need another pair, I really like Lily's leopard print ones!

2. 'Suits' is by far my favourite TV show at the moment. I started watching it in 2011 when it first started, but after season 2 ended I must have forgotten to find out when it would be on next and missed the majority of season 3. The up-side to this, however, is that last week I got to binge-watch most of season 3 and it reaffirmed my love for the show. If you don't know the basic premise of the program, a genius guy called Mike who got kicked out of college for selling a math test he memorized to his Dean's daughter and has since fallen into a bad life, finds himself working alongside Harvey Specter, the best lawyer in New York City and it's basically about the fact that it's illegal for him to be a lawyer without a degree and them evading the law as well as winning cases and the other excitement that goes along with a typical drama. The two women in the photo help to make the show amazing, in my opinion; Sarah Rafferty (Playing Donna Paulsen) is hilarious and witty and is the perfect assistant to bring Harvey to the ground when he gets too cocky, and Meghan Markle (playing Rachel Zane) is absolutely stunning, has the best work style and makes a perfect love interest for Mike. All in all, a fantastic show with a brilliant cast.

3. This picture was taken when Kourtney Kardashian invited The Coveteur to check out her newly refurbished home (according to the article she got some inspiration from Pinterest- we have so much in common, Kourt!) This post was incredible to get a further insight into a Kardashian's life than we get from the reality TV show and even though some of the designs seemed a bit excessive, any less would just be boring considering the wealth of the 'klan'. As well as the shoe collection and make-up storage, my favourite pictures were those taken in Mason and Penelope's playroom- I'm definitely going to bank the chalkboard wall idea for a later date!

4. I absolutely adore the colour scheme in this image; grey is hands-down my favourite colour and the pop of dusty pink adds a cute little pop. I've really been enjoying looking at interior design recently, and can't wait till I can buy a place of my own and paint everything white and start from scratch with decorating each room, in my mind at the moment I'd like a room to look very similar to this image.

5. This is one of my favourite pictures of Elizabeth Olsen- she is absolutely gorgeous! If I had to choose one person who was my biggest fashion inspiration (or rather, who do I search the tagged photos on tumblr the most) it has to be this girl. As well as fashion, I'm also a fan of the youngest Olsen because of her acting credibility, I really liked Martha Marcy May Marlene and I'm looking forward to seeing her in the new Avengers movie alongside Aaron Johnson and the cast from the first film.

6. Another gorgeous interior- greenery against a white background look awesome! I'm not too good at remembering to water plants (my cacti are little fighters) so if I were to recreate this look I'd use fake plants as they'd never lose their green!

Hopefully see you next week for another edition of 'Note to Self'!

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