Friday, 21 March 2014

T-Shirt Wars

 Welcome to another post- this time I thought I'd share my love of a good T-Shirt. I would have to admit that I have quite an extensive collection, and I'm always looking for new additions because they're so easy to wear- at the moment I'm loving them with boyfriend jeans and slip-on shoes.
The best part about my collection is that each one has a little story which makes wearing them so much more special- I actually bought this first one (above) from a charity shop before I had even been on Route 66 because I thought it was quite cool (and only cost me £1!) But then when I found out that we were going on a family trip to Arizona, California and Nevada I was pretty excited because I could wear the T-Shirt having actually been to the place on it (like the issues people have with others wearing band shirts that they don't listen to) as well as going on a kick-ass holiday. All in all, a pretty snazzy purchase and very American, which of course I love.

 Number 4 in my selection is your bog-standard New York T-Shirt that you can buy from any vendor, but I thought the designs on the ones I bought were pretty cool- you could get 6 of these for $10 in varying designs and I wasn't about to pass up an offer like that so I chose a couple of gifts for friends and kept the rest for myself. Obviously you're not paying for quality here and I did find a hole in this one after buying it but they look a lot nicer and less 'touristy' than the 'I heart NY' ones.

This is another £1 purchase that I got before I'd been to San Francisco, but I'm very glad I got it! I have never, ever seen a Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt in this design so I have no idea if it's rare but it's special to me either way. As you can see from the colouring on the picture it has been very well-worn; both by myself and whoever had it before me, but it still looks really cool with acid wash jeans or Levi shorts. A very easy addition to a summer outfit, I'll definitely be taking this one with me when I go back to New York this year!

This was picked up from a thrift store in Berlin last year, for around 3 Euros. I absolutely loved the homemade tie-dye and iron-on on a simple Fruit of the Loom top and as soon as I got home I googled the Clovis Bullets and found out that they're a women's softball team (girl power!) It's always an added bonus if something has an interesting back story like this, my only regret from that thrift store was that I didn't also buy a really cool T-Shirt with a US Office Dwight quote; but then again it was a 'poo brown' so I doubt I would have worn it much anyway!

Fifth and final is this beautiful UCLA top. I was absolutely astounded when I saw this for a pound as it is legit from the Los Angeles University itself! I found this just after I was offered my job so I'm seeing this purchase as a way to pretend I went to a really cool University rather than staying in my hometown and getting started in my career. I'm a sucker for a grey top but to add to that the fabric is SO SOFT! Definitely the best T-Shirt I have ever bought.
I'm sure you've detected the pattern- I love anything American, it's my weakness! It's also my favourite place to go on holiday, so I'll make sure I take some pictures this June when I travel around North America and Canada to make an extra awesome blog post.

That concludes this post- how many times did I say 'T-Shirt'?

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