Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring Nails

Hello! As the weather was so nice today I thought I'd better make the most of the light and take some snaps. I'd planned this blog post beforehand as I knew it was something I wanted to do so I painted this nail wheel a few weeks ago with my favourite Spring-like nail polishes.
This morning I went to my Grandparents' and came back with some beautiful flowers that my gran had cut off their rose bush for me and I knew they would look really cute on my windowsill in a vase I bought from a car boot sale. I didn't realise until I went to upload this photo how weirdly my ornament photographed but it's an Elephant! I've become weirdly obsessed with knick-knacks with Elephants on and it's the fourth thing on my windowsill relating to them- I should probably stop now! I got it from my new favourite charity shop for 50p- they had grouped all their Elephant bric-a-brack together and I had to stop myself from getting everything!

From left to right: 'Cool Jade'' by Maxfactor, 'Ceramic Blue'' by Maybelline, 'Cloudy Grey' by Maybelline, 'Fiji' by Essie, 'Praline Whirl' by Collection 2000, 'Peach Sherbet' by Models Own and 'Antique Coral' by Natural Collection

The cute Chinese bowls are also from my new favourite charity shop, and cost £1 for the set. They are slightly mis-matched and I don't really have a purpose for them but I thought they were too adorable to leave!
I absolutely love all of the above colours for Spring and I'm slowly making my way through them; colour-wise my favourites are Fiji and Cool Jade but sometimes Essie nail polishes are awkward to apply so I'm not sure if I'm going to get many more of them!

This afternoon I went for a walk with my parents in a cute village near where we live and even though I didn't bring my camera, I thought I would share a couple of pictures from our afternoon that I took on my phone:

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. I love Essie Fiji! Its such a beautiful easy color to wear

    1. I know it's gorgeous! I have my eye on a few more of their pastel colours for spring! x