Wednesday, 9 April 2014

March Favourites

A very warm welcome to another late monthly favourites post! Yet again I haven't had any free time (or daylight) to take any photos so I've delayed it- I'd much rather have belated good quality photos (by my standard) than use my flash!

This month hasn't been too interesting shopping-wise- it seems to have gone by so quickly. However, I have picked up a few items which I think will be my favourites for a long time.

Last weekend I went to see my boyfriend at University, which means I also get the delight of going shopping where he lives as well as the pleasure of his company. The first thing I picked up was this cutesy white top from Zara; I needed something to wear to go out in later that night and thought this would be perfect to wear with my 'disco pant' style leggings. I've spilled two drinks down this top already with no sign of stain, so it's going well so far!

On the same day I bought these adorable gingham print jeans from Topshop, thinking that the two would look good together; but they both look better with plain things seeing as they're both patterned. I've worn the jeans when my team at work had a bowling competition and they are the perfect thing to wear! (unfortunately I'm still utterly rubbish at bowling). I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these two items.

I haven't been in a photobooth in ages, so when I went out with a couple of friends from work on Friday we thought it would be fun to have some drunken pictures in a booth. For the first two pictures we didn't know when they were being taken but the other two were more prepared for! I thought this would be a nice addition to my monthly favourites as these are the people that I see almost every day!

It wouldn't be a proper post if I didn't include something that I had bought from a Charity Shop- this mint green starfish ornament is so cute and fits in with my mostly white decor so well! For a price of 50p I definitely couldn't have left the shop without it; it has a nice spot on my windowsill along with my other bric-a-brac faves.

I've had Rimmel's 'Apocalips' lip lacquer in the shade 'Luna' for a few months now; I first bought it to match with my Topshop lipstick 'Peach Sundae' as they're a similar coral colour and so I could choose whether I wanted to wear a nude or gloss lip when I was going out. I absolutely love the colour of this- I think it matches all skin tones and is a perfect shade for Spring and Summer- so I'll be wearing it a lot in the next few months!

I've had Essie's nail polish 'blanc' on my wishlist for a while now but was looking for a cheaper alternative because in my opinion, their quality isn't too good so it seems a bit pointless spending more money on the same product. I stumbled across Boots' own brand 'Natural Collection' while browsing and saw a white nail polish for less than £2.00 and I had to get it. I've used it twice already this month and the quality is exactly the same as all of my other nail varnishes so it was such a good choice and proves that if you can find a similar colour elsewhere, there really is no point in going to the expensive brands.

My last product is Garnier's 'Summer Body' moisturizing lotion. The only self tanning products I've used have been from Poundland, so you can assume my expectations for this weren't incredibly high. I've used this product once and even though I'm not skilled in this area, it turned out surprisingly well! I'm armed with tips about exfoliating and the like for my second attempt so that my ankles aren't streaky but so far I'm really enjoying it!

Hoping to get another post up within the next couple of days so bare with- juggling work, studying and extra things like this is tricky at the moment!


  1. I need that green starfish ornament, it would look perfect in my little mermaid bathroom.