Monday, 24 February 2014

Payday Wishlist #1

High Neck T-Shirt Dress - Boohoo    White Chunky Sandals - Boohoo     Blending Brush - Real Techniques    Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter - The Balm 'They're Real!' Mascara - Benefit    Black Bag - Ebay
The only downside to my decision to start a blog a few weeks ago is my lack of free time, and natural lighting.
Because I work 9-5 five days a week, it means the only time I will have to take photos without a horrendous flash is at the weekend. But I'm always busy at the weekends too, if its seeing friends/family or studying for my ACII qualification that I'm going to be doing for the next 5 years.
All in all, I'm going to have to get a lot more organised if I want to keep updating this blog regularly!

On the other hand, a very good upside to this is the fact that I actually have a job, which means pay day wish list blog posts like this are a lot more likely to occur now that I have money left over after the standing order that I ever-so-cleverly put into a savings account so that I don't go crazy on makeup from The Balm like I REALLY want to.

I really want to talk about all these items and why I like them, but I'm so stressed out about revising for my second exam on Friday that I'm going to cut this post short and carry on with my frantic note-taking from my hefty textbook. The joy! I've said to myself that I'm going to treat myself if I pass this exam so hopefully the aforementioned highlighter will be mine very soon!

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